Transit of Venus Australia 2012

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Warning: Never look directly at the sun or you may cause serious and permanent damage to your eyesight.
Click here for how to observe the transit safely.

“The Transit of Venus Project Management Committee is a group made up of Surveyors, Astronomers and Teachers dedicated to the advancement of Science, Maths, History and the promotion of Surveying as a career of choice in our schools, through the observation of our natural world and the study of our Australian heritage in science and exploration.”



30 May 2012  Observation Points in Queensland Qld Observation locations.pdf

30 May 2012  New photos of the 2004 Transit of Venus made available for reproduction on the pictures link.

30 May 2012  Observation Points in Victorian Vic Observation locations.pdf

29 May 2012  Queensland Education Minister the Hon John-Paul Langbroek sends us a message:

“I’m delighted that so many of our students will have the opportunity to share in this event that not only holds scientific importance but also has special historical significance for Queensland and Australia...”             Media Release ToV Minister Announcement Qld.pdf

26 May 2012  Australian students observe Venus phenomena  Media Release ToV National.pdf

20 May 2012 Contact list for Media, General and Academic Media contacts TOV.pdf

Many schools have responded to our announcements with very positive comments such as:

“ Fantastic news. Thank you very much for your part in the competition. Could you please pass on our appreciation to all those involved. I am looking forward to the big event.”

“ How exciting. I really look forward to hearing from you and organising the presentation.”

“Thank you very much for the notification of the N School being a successful winner of a SolarScope to observe theTransit of Venus on June 6th. We are very excited to plan some activity for this day with our Science Department.”

“ Thank you so much! We are all very excited about your e-mail to us regarding the SolarScope. We are looking forward to meeting our volunteer surveyor and learning as much as we can from him/her.  Our whole school will be involved in Transit of Venus activities so should have a basic level of knowledge before the event.

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