The organisers of the Transit of Venus Schools competition have been overwhelmed by the level of interest in the schools competition. Many schools have ordered multiple SolarScopes in order to ensure that they will be able to observe the Transit of Venus on 6th June, whether they win a SolarScope or not.

The enthusiasm of the teachers that entered the competition on behalf of their schools was also most impressive. Many schools entered multiple times, to reflect the results simulated by their students. (Only one SolarScope can be won by a school).

The surveying profession has also gotten behind this initiative and decided to donate additional SolarScopes to schools that have entered the competition.

The end result is that we now have the pleasure of announcing that ALL the SCHOOLS that ENTERED the COMPETITION are WINNERS. EVERY SCHOOL THAT ENTERED THE COMPETITION WILL RECEIVE A FREE SOLARSCOPE, either one from the 100 initially allocated, or one donated by a surveyor.

Non-competition winners and even some schools that did not make the cutoff date will also receive a FREE SoplarScope through the generosity of our surveyors.

Many schools also ordered SolarScopes, and these orders for SolarScopes well in excess of that originally anticipated.

As a result of this extraordinary level of demand for SolarScopes (over 460) the organising committee has had to place a late order for additional SolarScopes to be delivered from France.

The result is that half the SolarScopes will be available for delivery early in May, while the remaining SolarScopes will not be available until late May.

In most instances, SolarScopes will be delivered to schools by volunteer surveyors. These volunteer surveyors will contact each school to arrange the delivery on a mutually acceptable date in May, or very early June before 6th June. It is proposed that some form of presentation ceremony be arranged, as well as some other talks, demonstrations, activities etc. that are to be negotiated between the surveyor and the School.

All schools will be emailed during April. This email will contain additional information, confirmation of orders, and in many instances the contact details of the volunteer surveyor who will deliver the SolarScope(s) to your school.

Congratulations to all winning Schools.

If you have any queries, please contact the Transit of Venus Project Manager, Graeme Rush at


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